Universiade:diabetes gives aussie diamond double challenge

Jan 1, Handed the captaincy in controversial circumstances, McCullum confirmed on Tuesday that he will also open the batting in the absence of the injured Peter Fulton. His stats have been phenomenal but from our point of view we're playing against a very good cricket team so we expect them to have very good cricketers in their side.

New Zealand's three leading batsmen will fill the first three positions in the order. He praised Williamson, who scored a century in the final Test in Wellington last year, as one of New Zealand's up and coming stars.

NWC15 I Australia v New Zealand I M18

He's popular in the team and he works hard on his game. He ticks a lot of boxes and we're hopeful that he's going to have a big series. McCullum acknowledged that his team had a difficult task with a side weakened by injuries to several players and the absence of former captain Ross Taylor, who withdrew from the tour. The New Zealand captain said his players could take heart from their performances in a three-match home series in which they were beaten by South Africa in New Zealand last year.

We've just got to make sure we get better and compete for longer in this series. Sport Cricket International.In ITER, ordinary objects and features often take on an awesome dimension. Take the doors that seal off the port cells around the Tokamak for instance. Doors th [ One of the essential 'building blocks' of the ITER Tokamak is the pre-assembly of two toroidal field coils, one vacuum vessel sector and corresponding panels of [ ITER is made possible through the work of thousands of scientists, engineers, workers of all trades and industries across the globe.

It is also made possible by [ Read more. Toroidal field coils Two make a pair One of the essential 'building blocks' of the ITER Tokamak is the pre-assembly of two toroidal field coils, one vacuum vessel sector and corresponding panels of [ Local partners A celebration for ITER's "vital artery" ITER is made possible through the work of thousands of scientists, engineers, workers of all trades and industries across the globe. Interested in a two-minute summary of what fusion is and how it can change our future?

See the video here. Synthetic diamond windows will play a double function in the ITER machine—allowing the microwaves of the electron cyclotron heating system to pass through to reach the plasma while providing an effective leak-proof vacuum barrier.

See the full story here. The LFSR is the first device of its kind to measure the plasma density, and process and report the data to the central tokamak control system in real-time. This allows it to serve as an alert system, as abrupt changes in the steepness of the edge density profile, or gradient, can lead to instabilities known as edge localized modes ELMswhich release large amounts of energy.

The sunrise of fusion startups has also reached Japan. A team from Kyoto University founded its fusion startup in October Kyoto Fusioneering Co. Today, there are already many fusion startups around the world, mainly in North America and Europe. Fusion is no longer public-sector-only science; it is a business bringing excitement to the private sector as well.Let me begin by explaining why this question doesn't have a completely clear answer The Scrabble rules have been modified several times over the years, so that what you'll see inside the box-lid will depend on the age of your Scrabble set.

Scrabble is owned by two companies Hasbro in North America, and Mattel throughout the rest of the worldand the rules differ regionally. Official Scrabble bodies set up throughout the world to manage clubs and tournaments have their own variations and clarifications of the rules which, in some cases, will differ from those you'll see in the rules distributed with Scrabble sets.

universiade:diabetes gives aussie diamond double challenge

All sound a bit complicated? I guess it is, but that doesn't mean I'll leave you all messed up. The two main points I'd like to get across on this page are that Many of the commonly debated rules do indeed have satisfactory, widely accepted, answers that we can safely call 'official', and. When it comes to the more ambiguous rules, the important thing is that you agree on a clear statement of these rules before you start your game.

On this page I'll help you clarify the rules that are widely accepted as 'official', and provide you with enough information to make a good decision about the more 'debatable' rules. Also, just like the law, it is impossible to write a set of Scrabble Rules that will cater for every possible eventuality. So later, I'll show you some of the detail required in the official rules for international Scrabble tournaments so you can see why.

The exact wording of the rules determining which words are permitted in Scrabble varies slightly from source to source, but is always something very similar to the following from my own very old Scrabble set This is close to the initial wording first used by Alfred Butts, and all modern phrasings of this rule are intended to agree with its intent.

The problem of course, is that there is so much ambiguity in this rule. What do we mean by a 'standard dictionary' for example? And what do we do about inflections of words, which are not usually explicitly listed in dictionaries? That reference to 'foreign words' is also a can of worms. English was built up from foreign languages, and it isn't clear just how foreign a word has to be before it should be disallowed in Scrabble. The easiest solution is this: get yourself a Scrabble Dictionary. A Scrabble dictionary lists every single word allowed in Scrabble, including inflections and other derivations, and therefore enables you to declare immediately whether a word is in or out without arguments provided you both agree on one prior to playing!Just catching up Sue after a week away.

Janice x.

Boost Your Scores in Scrabble, Improve Your Spelling & Vocabulary, Solve Tricky Crosswords & More!

Loving both of these Sue especially the Fox, cruel as they are with our hens, I always have a soft spot for them. Super cards Sue, fabulous images - you can't go wrong with Pollyanna for masculine cards. Pauline - Crafting with Cotnob x. Two lovely cards, such lovely images. Thank you for sharing with us. Two beautiful cards, beautiful images of wildlife. The wildlife images were a perfect choice, Sue, and I love your designs to showcase them! The boys will love them!!

universiade:diabetes gives aussie diamond double challenge

Hugs, Darnell. Two beauties cannot fail with an image from Pollyanna Pickering, thank you for joining in at CD Sunday. Two beautiful cards Sue. I love Polyanna Pickering's artwork and you've used it beautifully here.

Thanks for joining us at CD Sundays. Lovely to see you at CDSunday again. Two beautiful cards. I have thus CD too Sue and there are some great images on it. Love both the cards especially like the badger image. Hi Sue Male cards always seem more of a challenge for some reason. Who couldn't love those wonderful nature scenes. When making cards for someone else to give it is almost like a double challenge because you end up catering for not only the recipient but the taste of the person who is giving the card too.

Have a good day. Love Jules xx. Post a comment. Today I have two cards that I made for my Father-in-law to give to his two grandsons that had birthdays this last week.

I always seem to get stuck with male themed cards and end up reaching for my tried and tested favourite, Pollyanna Pickering's collection of CD's. These two were made using the latest of her CD's British Wildlife vol 3. Posted by Sue's Crafty Corner at Newer Post Older Post Home.

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But, as we all know, on 11 Marchthe date on which the World Health Organisation declared a pandemic, everything changed. The gravity and scope of the pandemic are unprecedented in modern times and COVID has impacted the lives of people worldwide.

Website: www. Pandora has announced it will entirely stop using mined silver and gold in its jewellery by and only buy from recycled sources. Its shade is olive green and it is sometimes mistaken for other gems. Nigel Smith, a results catalyst, aims to help people and businesses achieve goals by equipping them to innovate, relate, sell, coach and lead. Teens are looking for ways to mark milestones now that matric farewells, graduations and other seminal events have been cancelled.

Jewellers should be stepping up to meet that demand, writes Deborah Yonick. AA Watch Wholesalers first opened its doors for business 27 years ago in The company is run by dynamic husbandand-wife team, Adam and Pratima Fulat. In addition, AA Watch is also a distributor for Rhythm Clocks, one of the largest clock companies in the world, and Alfa all-leather watch straps.

The same applies to all advertising. All rights reserved. No part of this magazine may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or any information storage retrieval system, without prior written permission from the publishers.

ISSN It will contain a main diamond-cutting facility, a diamond evaluation and. Experts have now recreated moissanite in a lab to deliver you an artfully crafted, socially responsible and eternally brilliant gemstone. This material has hardness graded 9. Moissanite is more brilliant and sparkly than a diamond with similar clarity, colour, and cut.

In addition, moissanite has the double refraction property. The best diamond substitute to use for clients who have a small budget but would love a big stone and still have a jewellery piece of value they can treasure.

Size: 0. Centre DMCCwhich was to have hosted the event. The potential impact of COV insurance for the jewellery i Once upon a time the world was a very different place.

The difficulty is that no-one can predict its duration, writes Joel Bergman. At present, current business interruption policies cannot be extended to cover any losses resulting directly or indirectly from epidemics or pandemics — nor from a lockdown.

This applies to all businesses in SA. South Africa is the largest producer of platinum in the world. A flagship market development initiative, the competition was created 21 years ago to promote innovation and technical expertise in platinum jewellery and design within the local jewellery industry.

Students, apprentices and professional jewellers are invited to submit statement pieces to be judged by an esteemed panel of local and international jewellery experts on a holistic range of criteria, including interpretation of the brief and technical expertise. The metal required to produce each handcrafted piece is loaned to each participant — provided by Anglo American Platinum — and distributed by MetCon.October 2, by studentnovasbe.

As dictated by the Government Rs. However, according to me demonetization was a move that not only failed to achieve its objective but was also a reflection of how one economic move can have adverse and far reaching consequences for any economy. This post however will primarily focus on the aftermath of the move and its impact and how it all was a big failure of a public policy. As demonetization was announced without any prior warning, in a country like India which is still a cash dependent economy, chaos ensued.

The immediate repercussions of the move were shortage of cash and most citizens had to stand in long queues to exchange the old banknotes. Further, because the new notes had different dimensions and specifications compared to the old notes, even the ATMs across India had to be re-calibrated.

To further complicate the matters, Government had put restrictions on daily amount of cash that could be withdrawn. Of the Rs. Further, agriculture and industrial production took a hit as they are heavily dependent on cash and the purchase of raw materials was delayed due to cash shortage.

Another thing that further puts a blip on the whole scheme of things is that the country lacked the infrastructure required to truly go for a cashless economy.

Team South Africa upbeat ahead of Commonwealth Games

For schemes that are going to be implemented without any prior information dissemination to the public, like demonetization in India, it is essential that proper infrastructure be put in place to ensure its successful execution. A country like India cannot transfer to a cashless economy overnight and corruption can also not be avoided just by implementing one scheme. Further, for the digitization of transactions to become the norm it essential that the citizens be gradually pushed to move towards it.

Therefore, demonetization in India was a failed Government attempt at bringing a change in the economy in fact it only brought a slowdown in the economy. Aparna Kansal. When a group of countries agree on integrating fiscal policies they are joining in a Fiscal Union. This implies that most of the decisions about the collection of taxes and public expenditures are taken by common supranational institutions instead of the national governments.

Every economist knows that monetary policy has limitations. During the last years of the big recession, the European Central Bank was impotent in dealing with the financial crisis using conventional instruments.

It had to escape from the liquidity trap through Quantitative Easing. Creating a Fiscal Union with a fiscal authority coordinating it, like a European Ministry of Finance would be an easier way to impose fiscal measures at a European level.

This would increase the responsiveness of economic policies to the economic needs, as for example, in fighting unemployment or smoothing the economic cycle. This can be particularly important in a time of higher economic and financial integration between countries, where a shock in one country can spill over to other countries. These countries are typically the net contributors to the European Union budget and by taking a further step in the European Project, they are afraid of having one more burden to take care of.

Despite that, when one takes a deeper look and accounts for all the gains and losses from being part of the EU, the two countries that benefited most of being in the single market are precisely Germany and Denmark. Nevertheless, the creation of the Fiscal Union would have as one of the consequences the uniformization of taxes across all countries, including corporate tax.

Some countries in the EU have a low corporate tax rate to incentivize multinational companies establishing their European headquarters in their countries. Some argued that the Fiscal Union because it would uniformize taxes across the Union would damage the countries with lower corporate tax rate.

To these specific countries, almost for sure the corporate tax rate would be larger if compared with what it is now, which would damage its Investment less companies will choose that country to establish themselves and consequently the GDP. Yet, firms will not ignore the opportunities of the European market. So, it is perfectly plausible to assume that firms will always be established in the EU. The only difference it may arise is the location chosen.

Since the countries are in a Fiscal Union it is possible to redistribute money in an easier way. Of course, for that a new treaty should be signed and the European budget would have to be allowed to have a deficit or a superavit.Some people living on the estate have expressed concerns that without parked cars on the route drivers will go even faster.

PAGE 3. Police say they are succeeding in curbing a recent spate of anti social behaviour with the support of residents and traders. PAGE 5. Concentration is intense as this young spray paint artist creates her flower from a recycled bottle at the Easter Bunny Picnic community event in Lyde Green.

Report: Page 9. Schools in South Gloucestershire are facing a double challenge - standards have to rise quickly but budgets for all sectors are being squeezed. PAGES Joint action on ways teen teara are succeeding Police say they spate of in curbing a recent r with anti social behaviou residents and the support of traders.

Report: creates her fl ity event in Lyde Picnic commun. Schools in South facing a are Gloucestershire - standards e double challeng but budgets have to rise quickly being for all sectors are squeezed. May, entertainment for you within our page edition. If you have stories or photos to share, do get in touch. Give us a call or email us at news emersonsgreenvoice.

Hundreds more copies are available at libraries and at other pick-up points. The Voice series now has 15 titles in Bristol and South Glos, with a total ofcopies delivered to homes each month. Our blend of reliable local news and trusted local advertisers is proving successful and many councillors and others praise our contribution to building communities.

It makes a great background for photos and filming, but it's also a major asset to our community, and it's surprising how many people have never stepped inside. Why not take a look?

universiade:diabetes gives aussie diamond double challenge

Meanwhile, if politics depresses you, take a walk and enjoy the many shades of green in the hedgerows of Emersons and Lyde Green — what apt names.

After that, settle down to read all about what is going on in our rapidly-developing community. As always, we have plenty of information and. The editor reserves the right to edit your letter. Anti social behaviour team asbreporting southglos. We cannot vouch for any services offered. Opinions are not necessarily those of the editor. Fishponds Voice is distributed each month to local residents.

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